Tuesday, 17 January 2012


So I have finally managed to take a few photos of our master bedroom.  Its a pretty small room , but it has got a very fresh and dreamy feeling to it as everything in there is mostly in white and it makes the room feel a little bit bigger. Plus it has a double wardrobe.
I love it when the sun shines thru the blinds onto our bed in the afternoons :)

 White duvet cover and pillows are from Country Road . Bedside tables are from IKEA.
White blinds from Guthrie Bowron.

 Bedside lamps are from IKEA. Cute little zink house lantern is from Walther & Co.

 White 8 drawer dresser is from IKEA.
Metal letter and washing basket from Freedom.
Mirror from Trade Me.

 Wooden boat is from the amazing store Republic.

 These wooden jandals I found in a small shop on Waiheke Island :)

Love my zink houses

This is how the bedroom looked when we bought the house.  


  1. Your master bedroom is beautiful Gaby, very peaceful and tranquil. I love your Ikea lamps and the little wooden jandals, so cute! xo K

  2. love the combination of things in your bedroom! simple and natural!

  3. Beautiful! I absolutely love the boat.

  4. Beautiful and restful. I love your zink houses too.

    Our bedroom has white walls, white bedspread, white drawers. But then I have my signature brights, with an indian quilt thrown over the bottom of our bed, blue & white inlay chest of drawers, and splashes of colour in accessories. I do love the tranquility of the white walls when I first wake up. xxx

  5. Oh it is gorgeous. Love that mirror! xxx

  6. I love the wooden sandals. Thanks for sharing. I've featured your project on Friday's Five Features at DIY Vintage Chic. Keep up the great work! http://diy-vintage-chic.blogspot.com/2013/07/fridays-five-features-july-26th-2013_26.html

  7. Fabulous makeover. I love white on white on white on ... well you know. ;)

  8. Oh ... found you from Pinterest, FIY.

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